ENB Treasury Services


We are very active in foreign exchange services, buying and sellingl many foreign currencies e.g. Euro, GBP, USD, Kenya, and Uganda shillings, at a very a competitive rates.

Foreign currency deposits – ENB accepts deposits in above foreign currency with competitive interest rates. Under the premise that investment risks are under control and fully manageable, the Bank has been aggressively expanding its investments and product lines in the banking industry, with the aim of maximizing the investment returns of its capital.


At Ebony National Bank, we are dedicated to working with you to learn the ins and outs of your business, understand your goals and objectives and create customized treasury solutions to meet your unique needs.

Our clients count on us for trade finance solutions and support in every aspect of trade finance  but they also know that all their classic banking needs will still be taken care of. Ebony National Bank offers a comprehensive range of international banking services critical to your business’s day-to-day and long-term success. 

We work to understand your unique challenges and offer banking services aligned with your business goals.We also offer customized solutions for law firms, accounting firms, medical practices, and business management companies.